What If? 🌿

What’s the worse that could happen?Someone says “No?”

Guess what happens to you after that?

You’re STILL here.

Are you hurt?


But you’re still full of endless possibilities that could NOW be.

The worst thing was “no” and now that it’s out of the way, you can move forward.You don’t want to come to the end of your life and wonder “what if?”

“What if I had asked THAT question?

“What if I had made THAT move?

I’ve been thinking quite a lot lately [and YES it’s because my 35th birthday is approaching this summer].

What in the world am I waiting for?

I’m going to make THAT move, I’m going to ask THAT question and I’m going to just do THAT thing so I don’t have to wonder “what if.”

Of course, all within reason.Between the twins officially starting Kindergarten this fall, my oldest going to third grade and [YES, again] turning 35… the time is now.

Time to build a better future not only for myself but to lead by example for my children. To show them that while yes life has many challenges, you can be strong and overcome anything you set your mind to.That is the message I want to leave behind for my children [and potentially my grandchildren].

Starting today and not waiting until tomorrow.

Now more “what if.”

The time is NOW.-Sabs 🌿

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