February Photo Dump.

Well now, where did March come from?

I suppose a “happy March” is in order.

For this post, I’m photo dumping some of my favorite moments from February as a little update to what I’ve been up to over the month or so.


I’ve been training more clients. I’ve been enjoying training again and helping others work on their fitness goals.

I even woke up at 4:45am for a personal training session- and that’s not something I’d do for EVERY client. BUT, I will say there are a select few special ones that will get me out of bed that early.

I’ve been finding my groove back with fitness for myself.I even started lifting again. Each day, I’m learning to listen to my body and move the way I feel is best – and of course being mindful to NOT overdo it.

I have a Pilates workshop planned for April at work. Here’s a sample photo that I took for the flyer!

Of course this is not the official one so stay tuned there.


There was a day in February where we almost hit 60 degrees.It was quite wonderful complete with a mini hike, popsicles and outdoor reading. That was followed by a mini snow storm later that week.

Which also was the second one this month.It was so nice [and needed] to have a slow day with the kids at home. 🌿

The girls went to a Valentine’s “Someone Special” dance and I took my son bowling. He told me that he wanted to spend some time with mom and not go to the dance. I wasn’t going to say no to that handsome stud. Lastly, we ended [home]school before February break with a fun project of creating their own puzzles. The twins said, and I quote “this was the best day ever”  after making the puzzles.

There you have it,  just a few photos that filled my cup in the month of February. What’s something that filled YOUR cup last month?

-Sabs 🌿

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