Burnt Out. 🌿

Yet again, I am burnt out.

My ADHD brain doesn’t know when to say no… but it has been better.

Back in the day, pre-diagnosis, I would have said YES to everything.

So 100% of things.

Now I’m between 50-60% saying “YES” to what I should probably say no to.

Not bad, but still a bit too high.

I saw this article the other day of different burn out signs; mentally, physically and emotionally. Typically we think it’s just being extremely tired, stressed and severely overwhelmed. While yes, that is the jist, there are other little things that we don’t necessarily think about.

Like poor quality of sleep or getting easily angered by little things.

THIS article goes into detail of how those with ADHD [and Autism] can recover from burnout.

My life is just a big roller coaster… roller coaster of me trying to figure out how to lessen this cycle of burnout.

Then once I figure it out, I feel better.

Once I feel better I over do it.

Then when I over do it, I get burnt out.

Then I try to figure out what I did wrong.

Then once I figure it out, I feel better.

Once I feel better I over do it.

Notice a pattern?

Just one vicious cycle.

So here’s to trying to figure things out and trying to lessen that “vicious cycle.”

One day at a time of course.-Sabs 🌿

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