Quiet. šŸŒ±

My body has become quite vocal when it’s time to reset boundaries in my life.

Usually whenever I feel I’m starting to do too much or stretch myself too thin… it begins to slowly shut down.I can hear my soul telling me to rest, sit down, sleep more.

SLOW down Sabrina.[Book HERE.]

Just be.

Do I listen? Not on that first call for help.

But by the second, I do.

I listen.I re-set my boundaries with myself and work.

Focusing on what brings me joy and value first; my family.It’s quite hard to set boundaries and say no, especially for me where I just really want everyone to be happy.

But as they say “you can’t pour from an empty cup.”

Well in this case, my cup is damn near cracked.I suppose there is no time like the present for a new one.

Let’s reset for May.-Sabs šŸŒæ

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