Listen to YOUR Body. 🌱

Ever since having the twins, I’ve been trying to find where I can fit in the fitness space.

Not only as an instructor, but for myself.

I thought I was ready to give it up being a fitness professional, but between life and my mind, I struggle to see which choice is best.Before I had my first child in 2015, I was attempting bodybuilding, became a personal training, started teaching HIIT and spin classes.

After about eight months or so postpartum, I contemplated going back to it.

But then, I fell in love with Barre classes. Once I went back to work, I started focusing on solely teaching strength and conditioning classes.

After getting pregnant with the twins, I found myself  focusing more on Barre [then moving forward to teaching it] plus a hint of the strength and conditioning classes.

After my divorce, I felt that I wanted to try and do bodybuilding again.Then I started doing more HIIT workouts [because, well Covid] and started teaching spin and Pilates.

I only had to really cook “adult” food for myself and could focus on my muscle recovery and workouts selfishly if needed. But then my osteoarthritis took me back to my Barre roots, then later to yoga after my hip tear.I am always trying to learn and continue my education in the fitness industry.

There are times where I’ll watch or read something and it’s the complete opposite of what I’ve personally been doing. Sometimes these “things” tell you this is how you should do it and the other way is wrong; aka my way.

I stop and think, “well that’s didn’t work for me before.”

My Mind: “But the data is saying what you are doing is wrong Sabrina”

“Okay, well I suppose I’ll try it the “right.” way.

And you know what happens?

My body [and/ or mind] messes up.🫠

All because I’m trying to do what EVERYONE else is doing because of what the “data says.” That is where I need to remind myself; everyBODY is different. There are those of us who don’t fit the mold.It just happens.

Remember, just because something works for EVERYONE else, DOES NOT mean it will work for you.

Listen to YOUR body, YOUR needs.

Really listen to them.-Sabs 🌱

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