Mundane. 🌿

Have you ever stopped to wonder why we are here?This question popped into my mind the other day as I was experiencing a flare up.

Shocker, I know. 🌿

It was nothing to be concerned about but it was just enough to bother me.Why me?

How can I enjoy doing anything in life if I am always experiencing some much discomfort and pain?

But then I stopped and wondered… “What if we are here just to be?”Just to exist?

And, of course, enjoy all the little things life has to offer?

The trees.The sounds of the birds in the Spring.

The smell of the ocean on a hot summer day.

The sound of the rain drops on the window.

All these small, simple things make life enjoyable.That is, as long as you stop to notice them.

Sure it’s nice to have dreams, goals and desires but you need to just enjoy simply existing. Being busy and doing it all only gets you so far. You have to try to enjoy the mundane aspects of life too because if you really think about it that is what makes up most of life.

The simple and little things.-Sabs 🌿

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