Minimalist[ish] Workout Equipment

If we are being honest, the most "minimalist" equipment would just be yourself. Maybe yourself and a mat? Over the past couple of months of taking down my workouts and focusing on low impact workouts, I not only look better, but feel better in my body and joints. I did a previous post back in … Continue reading Minimalist[ish] Workout Equipment

Glute Activation + Leg Strength Workout.

It’s been a while since I’ve switched up my lower body workout. Ever since I took it down with the Crossfit workouts [and spin], I've found myself going back to my Strength + HIIT e-Guide roots.So for today, I am sharing with you an updated version of my previously updated glute and lower body workout routine. Say … Continue reading Glute Activation + Leg Strength Workout.

[Almost] Three Months In: Low Carb Lifestyle.

I'm currently two-ish months into this low carb lifestyle, almost three months. Not much has changed with the exception of me having trouble now hitting my carbs for the day... never thought I'd ever say THAT. Some other PROS: I don't have as many sweet tooth cravings as I did before. I don't experience that mid-day … Continue reading [Almost] Three Months In: Low Carb Lifestyle.