Why I Stopped Crossfit; Maximalist.

I realized that I've been a Maximalist when it comes to fitness. Can you believe it? I, Sabrina the self proclaimed Minimalist. As I was reading the chapter on "relationship with money" in the Love People, Use Things book by the Minimalists it dawned on me I was spending a ton of money on fitness … Continue reading Why I Stopped Crossfit; Maximalist.

Glute Activation + Leg Strength Workout.

It’s been a while since I’ve switched up my lower body workout. Ever since I took it down with the Crossfit workouts [and spin], I've found myself going back to my Strength + HIIT e-Guide roots.So for today, I am sharing with you an updated version of my previously updated glute and lower body workout routine. Say … Continue reading Glute Activation + Leg Strength Workout.