Workout Routine: Summer/ Fall 2022.

Recently, I made a post about focusing on "intuitive fitness." Oh, why yes I'm still here doing that "intuitive" thang.So what's changed? For starters, I try to walk minimum 15 minutes a day. While I'd love to do this daily, hitting at least five days is my goal. I've also been doing more at home workouts since … Continue reading Workout Routine: Summer/ Fall 2022.

Why I Am No Longer “Intermittent Fasting.”

Since early September, my eating and workout "routine" has changed. At first it was unintentional. Between stress building up and lacking the desire to workout, this caused some new habits to form that I ended up sticking through with. Overtime, I am curious to see what my "results" will be.It wasn't until mid September did … Continue reading Why I Am No Longer “Intermittent Fasting.”