Why are we so afraid to live authentically true to ourselves?

Fear of judgment.

Fear of criticism.wp-1654342881013I’ll admit that when I got into a relationship, I was afraid of all the habits that I delivered since getting divorced.

I’d become more in tune with nature, the moon cycles and spending time alone“hippy crunchy” as someone had called me.wp-1654171608856While I may be extroverted when I instruct class or post on social media, my true nature is being an introvert and in nature.

I’ve been enjoying more solo time, especially early morning walks.

I just feel at peace and feel more in tune with my soul.20220604_075832As I was watching THIS video by Helena Woods, I realized that it took me up until last year to stop caring what people thought of me (social media wise).

I used to censor what I posted. I used to worry that people would think I’m bragging or something with whatever I may have posted.20220603_222049But you know what?

If someone has a problem with how you live your life, just know that it is a reflection of them and not YOU.

We only have one life to live and such a short amount of time on this Earth.20220604_073535How are you going to spend it?

-Sabs 🌿

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