Stress: Part III

Co-parenting isn’t always easy.

Things haven’t been easy over the past few months. Going from having the kids four days a week to essentially six with little help has been rough.

And I mean rough.

I know, I know there are others that have it WORSE then I do.

I’m beyond grateful to have them more.

But it doesn’t change the fact that between having them more and my osteoarthritis getting worse mixed with co-parenting struggles…

I’m mentally drained.

I’m thankful I decided to get help and was diagnosed with ADHD

Between learning how to better help my brain and a new medication, my anxiety would probably be 10x’s worse by now.

Especially since it was pretty high pre-diagnosis. 

I also haven’t worked out much.

I’ve been trying to move in any way I can to stay “active.”

I started watching one of the twin’s friends and that has been great to stay busy with. The twins love having someone else to do activities [and play] with. I’m just the type that needs to stay busy to not think about “anything.”

Pros and cons.

At the end of the night when the kids go to bed, I am there on the couch left to think of everything that is going on.

And let me tell you; it’s ROUGH up there [in my head].

When I started this post, I wasn’t sure what to say or where to start. I just wanted to share that I’m a bit stressed and that’s OKAY.

it’s okay to NOT be okay. wp-1663419657049Remember, one day at a time.

-Sabs 🌿

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