Six Months Low Carb; Update.

I recently hit a wall.

Things had been going great low carb, remember?

In the last two weeks, I found myself craving fruit; not even bread or cookies.wp-1618859772596.jpgJust fruit.

Oh, not to mention lots of salsa and tortilla chips.wp-1632483384711.jpgI’ve also become in love with roasted brussel sprouts and those would take up a quarter of my days carbs or more.

My nails also started getting brittle and my skin was really dry. While I was constantly drinking and consuming electrolytes, I just found that I couldn’t keep up.

I also started lifting a bit heavier then normal and I could tell my body was craving a smidge more carbs. Nothing crazy, just a bit more.wp-1645481230670Last week, I messaged my nutrition coach and talked to her about readjusting* my macros a bit as my macros were NOT doing it for me anymore.

While I do enjoy the low carb lifestyle but I realized I was doing more keto then low carb in the last 2-3 months – which was NOT my intention.

I was going to about 6-8% total carbs vs. the initial 10-15% I had been doing.

It seems like my problem was that I was too low carb for the amount of lifting I do plus my body just didn’t like it (hence brittle nails and overly dried out skin).

And that’s OKAY.

Not every diet* is going to work for every body.wp-1645447933854Again, I didn’t intentionally plan to do keto, it just naturally happened as I was craving more fats and way less carbs over the span of 2-3 months.

Right now my macros are about 20-25% carbs, which is still low carb.

Just obviously not as low as the initial 10-15% I set out to do.wp-1626386473785.jpgIn the last week, I feel way better.

I’ve gone up 30-40g of carbs per day and it has helped fuel my workouts. I’ll definitely share a “what I eat post soon for y’all.wp-1645448088620One day at a time. 

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*Please be sure to consult your primary care physician or nutritionist before starting ANY diet.

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