Boundaries V.

I’m not one for being standoff-ish.

It’s come to a point where I’ve just had to stick up for me. Set my boundaries and take care of myself [and mental health] FIRST.

It’s been a few months already being more firm with boundaries with the ex-husband. As time goes on and we have less interaction, my mind feels more at ease.

I’m not stressed as much.

Sure there are little things that may happen here and there.


For the most part, everything is transnational; like a business.

I had read many co-parenting things that said you need to treat the children as a business transaction and I did not like that idea.

But as time moves on, I see the importance.

It just makes things easier and creates a better routine. Not only is this easier for us, it makes it easier on the kids.

They are learning their routine and it just feels better instead of it being sporadic. We used to change plans all the time because we were being “nice;” giving each other extra time and such.

In the end, it just made things chaotic and the kids were always edgy.


The kids are more at ease, I’m more at ease and I’m sure their dad is as well.

It’s been a win, win all around.

Point here?

Set boundaries, listen to your gut and put make your mental health a priority.wp-1642813083229One day at a time.


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