One Month In: Crossfit.

I took my first Crossfit class on March 25th.

As I’m writing this post, I can’t believe that I’m even writing it. 

Now, I have to be honest with you; for a few years, I’ve given Crossfit major crap.

Everyone who I’d seen or followed was either super fit, super good looking or super impressive that I my though process was all “If I can’t do HALF of those things [or look like them for that matter] why would I even go to Crossfit?”

Then one of my good mom friends was always posting about going to our local Crossfit box and sharing how she felt great. I decided to give it a try because she told me you could bring the kids (for free I might add).

The day before my first class, I was seriously sore.

I was worried that the class was going to destroy my muscles but nope, it was perfect; it was mainly bodyweight and running. Oh boy wait?

My first fear; running. I can’t run because of my hip/ knee issues.

Naturally I was turned off right away. I told the coach and he said “oh that’s no problem you can bike or row.” I ended up with the rower as my running swap.

Then he said we had to to “toe to bar” or T2B. I looked it up super quick on my phone and was terrified. I mean you literally are hanging from a bar trying to touch the bar with your toes; essentially and hanging leg raise.wp-1619920236827.jpgThen literally after I looked it up, he said you could do a leg raise version laying down.

I felt immediate relief.

It was really cool that the coach was able to modify the workout. It also made me feel super comfortable that I wasn’t the only one that needed to modify. The workout itself was under 20 minutes but man, I felt like I had done an hour of work.

I fell in love the minute it was over.

It was different and challenged me in a way I wouldn’t have otherwise.

I had to sign up for three personal training session first before getting a membership. They called it “Elements.” You learn Crossfit basics, terminology and practiced a few of the more complex movements you’ll do.wp-1620179890540.jpgOnce I completed the 1-1 session, I purchased a 10-pack of classes since my weeks are starting to vary a lot with work. A couple of weeks later, I ended up signing up for some more one on one sessions to work on techniques (completely not required).

I’m so glad that I gave it a shot as it’s something that is out of my comfort zone but also I am interacting with my community which is so fun in itself.

I’m currently a bit over a month in and I plan to stick with it. I still do some other lifts and cardio sessions but the bulk of my workotus are now Crossfit. I’ll share an updated workout routine once I have it down.

I’ll also be sharing a before and after once I’ve had three months in.

Has anyone here tried Crossfit or thought the same stigmas I did?

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