NSM Recap; 2022. ๐ŸŒฟ

To my surprise, this NSM was my most successful.

I didn’t anticipate I’d cut my grocery bill by a smidge over $200 as my goal was to simply cut it by $100 if I could.I think for me between not working as much and being more intentional with my spending and time, I found that well… I had MORE time. Time to cook/ make more and not rely on so much on pre-packaged items.

Simple things like making my own hummus and buying a can of chickpeas for about eighty cents vs. a pre-made container for almost $3.00 adds up over time.

While I don’t buy many prepackaged items to begin with, I noticed I was buying more than usual.

I also find that I don’t rely so much on caffeine.

Where I used to drink 3-4 cups a day, it’s now more like 2-3 now. It all adds up; those additional cups of coffee required more sugar, creamer and filters. Obviously, over the course of the month, I used less of the three items. Like I said,ย it adds up.

Oh, I also managed to stick to my one candle a week rule, except for when I spotted a discounted maple fall candle (75% off) I just couldn’t pass up.The next main area I wanted to tackle was my “kids” spend and get that under $100. This category included arts and craft supplies, treats out, open play at gymnastics, extra nursery fees if I chose to workout at the gym and so forth.

Whenever we could go out for walks, we did.I tried to utilize the arts and craft supplies I already had on hand, plus get creative where I could (gingerbread slime anyone?). I also made sure to use the library more as an activity and worked out at home when I could.What I found was that the kids were MUCH happier this month. We weren’t constantly rushing around to a timed event and more often then not, they honestly just asked me to go to the library.

It was then I realized that my “simple” nature is started to rub off on them. They were [almost] just as content going to library to get a new book to read or play as they were going to open play at gymnastics.Children as simple and just enjoy just spending time with you.

I’ve been focusing on getting books from the library myself and trying to fill my “free” time with DIY projects such as making dehydrated oranges and using nature to decorate my home or gifts.It has been quite nice to do things again that fill my cup. While all areas of my life are not perfect by any means, I am learning and trying to find balance.

So with that, here’s your reminder to think back to when you were a child; what did you enjoy?

What filled your cup? Maybe re-read your favorite childhood book (Harry Potter series here) or collect some rocks and paint themJust be and enjoy the moment.

-Sabs ๐ŸŒฟ

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