Minimalist[ish] Workout Equipment

If we are being honest, the most “minimalist” equipment would just be yourself.

Maybe yourself and a mat?

Over the past couple of months of taking down my workouts and focusing on low impact workouts, I not only look better, but feel better in my body and joints. I did a previous post back in February sharing how I was minimizing my workout equipment due to my knee pain.

Little did I know, I’d have to minimize my equipment even further months later. In this post, I am sharing what I currently own [and bought] what I ended up getting rid of since that post.

After stopping Crossfit and removing my “bodybuilder like” workouts, I began to sell various equipment. I didn’t want to have zero equipment at home (New Hampshire winters can be rough), so as the weeks passed I really thought about what I really wanted to invest in to fit my current fitness needs.

With this, my goal was to sell the items I wasn’t using FIRST before I bought anything new to use that money for my purchase since I was in a NSM.”Here is what I now own + what I decided on purchasing:

SPRI Medium + Heavy Band:  I ended up getting these two when they were on sale during Cyber Monday. I paid under $20 for the two.

Since I don’t lift heavy anymore or use the barbell for deadlifts, I found that doing a variation of “Good Mornings” using the resistance tube have helped keep my back side strengthen without putting too much pressure on my knee.

I also like doing banded pull aparts as well as rows (attaching to a door) with the resistance tube. I bought the medium with the attachment and the heavy without since I only need one.

Gaiam Pilates Ring: You may not think this contraption does much, trust me I felt the same. But when I hurt my hand last year (I couldn’t make a fist), I found new ways to workout my upper body using the ring. I have a workout video HERE* you can check out but just browsing the web, you’ll find plenty of ideas.Gaiam Evolve Yoga Mat: This is by far my favorite mat (and I’ve been through many since 2009). The quality is quite good and the price is too.

I got this mat from Walmart and they still have it! It’s the first mat I’ve owned where I don’t have issues with “pieces” coming off it.

Gaiam Mini Bands: These are fantastic to use for glute bridges as well can be used for other fun exercises. I do have a Pilates sculpt workout using them HERE* but again, just do a quick search online for some fun workout ideas.

5lbs & 2lbs Dumbbells: Right now, these are the only weights I have. Typically I use the 2lbs ones more. I didn’t link any similar product as the prices are always fluctuating for dumbbells. I’ve found good deals at Walmart, Ocean State Job Lot, Five Below and even Staples (if you have any of those near you).

I ended up selling all my Kettlebells (I had 10, 15, 20, 25 and 35lbs), my 100lbs Barbell Set, My 10lbs and 15lbs Dumbbells and my 5lbs D handle weights (I swapped for regular dumbbells).Right now, I am pretty content with what I own as I am typically mostly doing Pilates, Barre and yoga for my workouts.

If I do go to the gym, I’ll typically stick to similar moments I’d do at home but may incorporate a couple of sets of the leg press machine or do sumo deadlifts [with a Kettlebell] to keep my lower half strong. 

Of course, while trying to avoid overdoing it.
One day at a time my friends,

-Sabs 🌿

*Disclaimer: Please be mindful that these workouts are part of my OWN personal workout routine. Before beginning any fitness routine, please consult your health care provider.

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