3 Ways I’m Creating Balance.

As I pick up more shifts and add back more classes, I’ve been trying to create a better balance for myself during the week. Not only for myself but for the kids as well.ย 

I reached my point of burn out and I’m slowly trying to recover.

I started “really” picking things back up the last week of December.

I started feeling the effects a week before I wrote THIS post; meaning it took about 2.5 months to get to this point. I felt good for a few weeks until it seemed to all crash and catch up with me.

Here are some things I’m doing to find balance in my weekly. The goal is to try to reduce feeling overwhelmed and stressed weekly:

  • Using a habit tracker: Now you can use anything for this (like a weekly checklist) but the one that I use is from Helena Woods from her Slow Living Journal (which is no longer available unfortunately).
    • I looked and there are so many good ones online but THIS sheet is very similar to the one that I use.
    • Some of the things I have are: wake up early (before 6:30am), eat at least two meals seated, prioritize alone time, get outside daily (even if it’s the two minutes to get the mail) and so one.
  • Planning two days with ZERO plans: Typically, I like to schedule ONE solid home day for myself and the twins (since we run around often between activities or my work). But after picking up more work, I noticed that it wasn’t enough and I needed to plan TWO solid home/ no plan days.
  • Planning out my workouts: I’ve come to a pointed where I needed to get back into this since I started working more. Previously, I would just go with the flow which was fine then. Now, I’m noticing a bit more structure is needed since I’m teaching more classes.
    • I ended up purchasing a pair 20lbs dumbbells. This happened because after being snowed in for a couple of days plus not wanting to leave the house by the third, I realized I had enough equipment at home to do two workouts with either body weight or bands and feelย GOOD.
    • By that third “at home” workout, I was craving weights so I ended up purchasing some in a Walmart grocery delivery the night before for my glute + lower body workout.ย 

Not sure if I’ll keep them, but we shall see.

There you have it.

Just three simple things I am doing weekly to find and create more balance in my weeks as I pick up more classes [and shifts] at work.

What are some things YOU do weekly to create balance for yourself?

Remember, one day at a time my friends.-Sabs๐ŸŒฟ

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