Hip Injury Progress.

I’ve been working on my physical therapy exercises for my hip almost a couple of weeks.

I’ve also been doing mobility work for AT LEAST ten minutes daily.Lately, I’ve found that I need to do some form of stretching or mobility DAILY even if it’s just for those ten minutes to keep my hip loose.

If I take a complete rest day, my hip just feels super tight and then my overall mood just plummets as the day progresses.

Do I want to to some type of “exercise” daily even if it’s just stretching?NOPE. πŸ™ƒ

But I know even after just TEN minutes my hip feels WAY better.

Really, I just have to suck it up even when I’m not in the mood. I try to remind myself of the outcome once I finish and it usually helps me push through. I’ll say to myself “Okay Sabrina, just do ten freakin’ minutes.” You know what ends up happening?

I’ll usually move with either more mobility work, Pilates or yoga anywhere from 20-40 minutes. I’ve also been trying to use the resistance tubes more into various movements (like this good morning variation) to not only keep building strength but for a good stretch too.Two for one. πŸ˜‰

My next hurdle is trying to wake up earlier again and get back into a morning routine. I know that if I do, I’ll feel better then if I just wake up when my kiddos do.

One day at a time my friends… as per usual here.-Sabs 🌿

Some of my favorite mobility/ Pilates workouts:


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